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My friends list is getting a bit crowded to be adding random strangers. This is my personal place for my personal thoughts, who wants strangers reading that?

Forumopolis people may get added back automatically if I know who you are. It helps if you leave a comment.

If you're here for my icons, please check peaces_icons. The icon topics (mostly movies) are in the memories by name, if you're looking for anything specific. Please do not add me simply because you like my icons. I promise that I will not add you back if you do. That's what my icon journal is there for.

If you're here for my caps click here, or check the only other open entry in my journal.

Comments on this post will be cleaned out periodically.

If you have found yourself to be banned from commenting, it is because I don't know you and you added me anyway, and I was trying to clean up my "also friend of" list. There were 44 people on it.

Screen captures

EA Wings



1. Credit if you use them. Make icons of them? Banners? Post them on a website? Say my LJ name, link my LJ, or link this entry. Do not link to my photobucket folders.

2. Comment if you take any. I want to know where my caps are going.

3. Do not hotlink my caps. Do not post them anywhere using my webspace, upload them to your own. Photobucket is free and easy to use in this regard.

3 easy rules. Please follow them.

I will update this entry when I upload more caps so it stays updated.

ATTN: The aspect ratio is off on a great number of my older caps, so you may need to stretch their width some to get the images to look right. These are noted with *RO* for ratio off. If they're marked incomplete, they aren't of the full movie.

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Edit: I added a password to my photobucket accounts because I got tired of people linking directly to it without giving me any credit. The password is now: peacefully .

For caps from movies I don't have or haven't done yet, or for caps requests, try cap_it or capitrequests. I'm not just the owner of cap_it, I'm also a member.

If you have any problems, please reread the entire post and comments and make sure it's not mentioned already, then ask.

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